The garden was designed for the Gardening Worldcup in Japan in 2012.
This garden expresses the duality between war and peace, life and death and the harmony found in the unification of the two. The outward facing wall is formed with charred timber. This charring both removes the life from the timber but also protects it from decay. The inward wall shows regeneration and is linked to water the source of all life as we understand. The walls are linked by the pergola which uses contrasting timber to create light and dark views as you enter and exit the garden. The planting is transitions from rich and lush plantings close to the water out through to hotter more scrub like plantings around the charred wall. Naturally formed stone steps through the water feature and the plantings anchoring the garden and water to the earth. The planting is natural and free as is the natural landscape of New Zealand. A small courtyard the garden could be part of any home and a special place of retreat and reflection.
 This garden will also feature the words from a New Zealand poet about our anti-nuclear stance. This is an important part of New Zealand's culture that expresses our desire for peace before politics.