The process of a landscape project may take one of many possible routes. Xanthe White Design offers full design and project management services for as much or as little as you need. 


Landscape Concept Plans and Planting Plan



An initial meeting with you on site enables us to get a sense of the place and your needs and desires. A written brief forms the basis for further discussion.

Working Plans and Site Survey

The next stage is a full site survey to gauge all existing hardscape, plants and levels as needed.

Concept Plan and Resource Book

Based on the information gained from meeting with you and from the survey and site analysis, we produce a concept design and resource book which convey the arrangement of space and hardscape elements, style of planting and look and feel for the garden. 

Planting Plan and Plant Lists

Detailed planting plans and plant lists are the next stage and can also include detailed working drawings for hardscape construction. These provide a clear framework for the construction and planting of the garden. 


We can assist in selecting a suitable landscape contractor and provide costing for the construction of the entire job. 

As there is no single best way to build a garden and no single best method of construction we collaborate with you and contractors to achieve the best result.

Project Management and Plant Placement

We provide project management on site to ensure the finished result is as per the original concept and to the best standard. We also provide on site plant and rock placement to ensure the plants and rocks are positioned in the best way for each ones individual form.  


On Site Design Consultation


For established gardens or avid gardeners a full landscape design may not be required. Xanthe White Design also provide on site design consultation to assist with any problem areas or places of interest that need something special. This may involve an hour or two on site and sometimes some follow up plant lists and advice as required.